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Dear visitors, dear collectors,

Your privacy and the control of your data are of utmost importance to us. Our privacy policy perfectly reflects our commitment and concerns, namely respect for Others and respect for Oneself.

This Privacy Policy describes how we use your personal data collected through the website www.sandra-berete.com.


We only collect information that is strictly necessary for our activity in order to ensure quality service.

Several types of data are collected:

Contact information (Name, Email Address and IP, Shipping and Delivery Addresses, Geographic Location, Language Preference, and Connection Information…) that you provide us when you create an account or subscribe to our Newsletter.

Personal data that you voluntarily transmit to us during our email exchanges (for custom projects and creations, after-sales service…)

Information about your navigation and use of the www.sandra-berete.com website, collected through cookies.

Personal information collected from third parties, such as data that you agree to share with us on publicly accessible social networks (such as Instagram).

It should be noted that we do not store any payment information.

All information collected is limited to our own use and will never be transmitted or sold.

The collected information allows us to:

Improve your browsing experience on our site

Respond to your orders and specific requests such as custom and exceptional orders

Send tailored communications (related to sales, quotes, and orders)

Identify services and products that may interest you

Ensure payments and monitor the absence of fraudulent activities on our site www.sandra-berete.com is committed to keeping your personal data only for the minimum useful duration and within the legal framework, solely to ensure traceability in the context of our customer relations.

Please note: we are not responsible for the protection of your password and recommend using a password unique to www.sandra-berete.com.


The information transmitted by the customer when creating an account on the website www.sandra-berete.com or during the purchase and delivery of a product, is used only in this commercial relationship with www.sandra-berete.com.

This information is confidential to the internal activity of www.sandra-berete.com, may under no circumstances be shared with a third party, nor resold.

The customer’s banking information is used only in interaction with the secure banking service; www.sandra-berete.com does not retain any banking information.

In accordance with the Law of January 6, 1978, the customer has the right to access, rectify, and oppose personal information and data concerning them.

The databases are protected by the Law of July 1, 1998, concerning the legal protection of databases.


The use of Cookies allows the collection of information related to navigation on a site. The data thus perceived provide www.sandra-berete.com with information about the site’s attendance, and aim to facilitate your future navigations.

If you wish, you can disable Cookies by configuring your computer.

www.sandra-berete.com reserves the right to update its Privacy Policy, Please regularly consult legal updates and control the last update date.

In case of significant modification, as a customer of www.sandra-berete.com, you will be personally informed by email.

Revised conditions in January 2024.